" Can You See Me". Original 16" X 20" Oil Painting On Linen

This is an original 16" X 20" oil landscape painting. The painting was completed on a triple primed linen support which is very archival. This painting is sealed to protect the colors and signed to authenticate it. I sign my work on the weave on the back of the painting to not distract from the work itself. Mighty mountains in the distance have always given me a certain "awe" when I look at them. How can something so big and majestic be slightly hidden from view. We know, by looking at this painting that the mountain painted is enormous, but most of the view is obscured by the forest. Still, by the way those peaks that are visible look, that mountain is telling the viewer "don't worry, I am the alpha here. Summer greens matched up with snow capped peaks make for a really soothing composition.

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