21 Apr

Hello Everyone;

Today, we are going to discuss a concept that I use on a somewhat regular basis.  The concept of our "inner artist". I use this expression to illustrate where real art comes from.  To illustrate where real creativity comes from.  To define the process that has no definition, yet yields beautiful, one of a kind results for all those brave enough to let go and allow their inner artist to thrive.

I heard someone say in a television show one time about playing the piano.  He said " I can play the notes but I cannot make the music".  Most people who delve into the visual arts can paint, but they cannot create the art.  Why is that?

I have found in my experiences that creating art has nothing to do with our conscious thoughts, our hand movements or what composition we settle for.  Creating real art instead, comes from within ourselves.  We feel our way through a piece and if we allow our inner artist to control the moment, real art is created.

Let me try and illustrate what happens to me when this happens.  I always start a painting with something in mind.  A concept, maybe a place it doesn't really matter, just whatever I am thinking about at that particular time.  I begin to sketch the composition on the canvas then I begin to paint.  As I paint, I begin to feel a connection with my composition.  Almost like it is alive and we are joining forces to create something beautiful.  I do not think of the colors anymore, I automatically reach for whatever the canvas wants.  I do not pay attention to form or values, that is being taken care of as we go.  I am not thinking about this scene at all really.  I am kind of lost in the moment allowing myself to step aside and let my inner artist create this piece.

I realize this sounds corny and totally fabricated, but it is real.  No I will tell you, this does not happen all of the time, in fact, it happens only once in awhile.  When it does happen though, I have learned to embrace it and allow it to take its course.  I can actually tell by the finished piece which artist painted that picture.  Me or my inner artist.

So, how do you get there.  I am sorry to inform you it is not different then anything else.  You must practice your art.  Only through much practice and repetition will your inner have the necessary tools to create your art. Once you have the concepts of creating art down and a lot of practice, then and only then will your inner artist try and take over.  When this happens, be aware.  Your inner artist is not persistent.  He will try and take over a composition, but he can only do so if you allow him to. For most people, myself included, giving up control is a scary proposition.  We like to think we have total control over everything.  My friends, I can tell you after fifty five years on this earth, we control far less than we think.

If you're ever painting or drawing something and you feel this inner something trying to come out, don't fight it.  It is just your inner artist trying to come out and play.