When Can I Move In????

26 Dec

Hello Everyone;

This painting was completed earlier today and it was a real blast to paint. The whole while, I kept thinking how cool it would be to live in that cabin. I was not thinking of colors or shades or anything but that cabin and what I would be doing if I was there.  My inner artist was painting the scene while I was daydreaming.  How cool is that?

This painting has very little subtle in it.  There are a lot of clouds in this particular sky, but notice how dark the blue in the sky is.  The contrast with the thick whit clouds is a bit harsh, but it seems to work.  As we get to the distant mountains, the elements get a bit more subtle, but still heavy in texture.

For some reason, the painting seems to have a good balance, but schematically, it shouldn't.  I do have harsh edges throughout the piece and a few subtle edges here and there, but not enough, I would have thought to balance the composition.

Paintings like this are cool.  You unintentionally break some painting rules and the composition still works.  Art is a wonderful thing.

Have a Blessed Day

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