Today's Painting Supplies

23 Dec

Hello Everyone;You know, it just dawned on me.  I have been talking about my pallet knife oil; paintings and showing you the finished work, but I have not shown you the supplies I use.This is what I am using right this minute.  Actually, the pallet of oil colors is from the completed painting I just posted several minutes ago.  The pallet is a piece of glass from a damaged photo frame.  I taped it to a piece of card board and there it is, a functioning pallet.  The two pallet knives I bought at Hobby Lobby with their wonderful 40% off coupon.  There are a ton of different pallet knives out there ranging in costs from not much money all the way up to you must be out of your mind.  Since I am a beginner with this type of painting, I chose the less ridiculous costing knives.The stretch canvas pictured will be my next painting for today.  It is a double primed, back stapled canvas from Joanne Fabrics.  They had a 50% off sale on their stretched canvas, so I bought four of them to try.  So far, they seem pretty good as well as being acid free and archival.  The black you see if from me.  With back stapled canvas, I paint the edges black so my customers can hang on the wall as is if they choose to not get framed.The next thing is the oil paint.  I use Griffin Alkyd from Winsor & Newton.  These are professional oil paints that are light fast and archival.  They dry quickly which is great for this type of thick paint painting style.  I do not spend tons of money on supplies, but I do require certain things.  The canvas must be acid free and the paint must be light fast.  Those are two important factors in the longevity of the painting.  I want my customers to know that the painting they just bought from me will last.Have a Blessed day my friends

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