Plein Air Adventures

21 Dec

Hello Everyone;If you have ever painted out doors, then you know why I titled this post "Plein Air Adventures" every time you paint out doors, it really is an adventure.When you are indoors, you have climate control, every art supply you ever bought is at your finger tips, the light never changes and you have all the comforts of home.  You even have a clean bathroom a few steps away.I have been painting and selling my work for many years now and for some silly reason, I never painted out doors.  My brother bought me the field easel you see pictured a long time ago and I used it only once or twice.  This past year alone, I used it around a dozen times.It is difficult to paint out doors, but it is really worth it.  I watch You Tube videos almost daily and most established artists say the same thing.  To progress in your artistic journey, you need to start painting out doors at times.  They were absolutely correct.  I have learned so much this year alone.Painting out doors makes you stream line your supplies.  It makes you streamline your composition, and since the conditions change constantly, it makes you paint much quicker.  By painting quickly, you take the second guessing out of the equation and allow your inner artist to create the art.  I don't know about you, but many times I stress over a certain part of a painting.  I over think a compositional element or color choice or go crazy trying to adjust to the perfect contrast.When you paint out doors, none of that happens.  You move from element to element with decisive strokes and more importantly, decisive decisions about your composition.  The more decisive your decisions, the more expressive and lively your art becomes.You do not need a fancy field easel to start.  Take a sketch book and a few half pan watercolors to start with and just capture light and colors.  Progress your way to a complete plein air set up after you are comfortable painting in the elements.  Please believe me when I say, it will help your art and you will grow to enjoy it and all the benefits it brings you as the artist.Have a Blessed day my friends

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