New Soft Pastel Painting

23 Dec

Hello Everyone;Here is a new soft pastel painting I completed on an 11" X 14" piece of pastelmat pastel paper.  The soft pastels and the pastel paper I used are artist quality and archival.  I have tried cheaper papers for soft pastels and have never been able to achieve the same vibrancy of color as I can with this sanded paper.  The sanded pastel papers are a lot more expensive than the non sanded, but the results, to me, are definitely worth the extra money.The same can be said for the soft pastels themselves.  The artist brands are more expensive than the student grade, but the color vibrancy is incredible.  I am using Unison and Mount Vision soft pastels mainly.  They are mainly pure pigment plus enough binder to keep them in a stick form you use to paint with.  The student grades are not anywhere near as pigmented plus they have fillers like chalk.  Artist grade soft pastels do not contain any chalk and if taken care of, are the most archival of all the art mediums.  They are a bit messy and cost a bit to get started with, but you can create some amazing art with them.  The next time you are feeling adventurous, give them a try.

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