New Pallet Knife Painting

21 Feb

Hello Everyone;

What a day, I complete two new paintings in the same day.  The first was a different dimension for the canvas where this one is a normal 11" X 14" double primed canvas panel.

It's funny, so far, the panels are easier to paint on with a knife then the stretched canvas.  Since the panel is rigid, it doesn't buckle in areas where you are working with the knife.  Don't get me wrong, the stretched canvas doesn't buckle much, but it does a little since it is not solid like a panel.

I'm still learning how to paint with the knife, and even though it is a struggle at times, I am enjoying it a lot.  For some reason, my paintings are more expressive with the knife as opposed to using a brush.

One idea I am toying with is to use a brush, but much thicker paint than I normally do.  I have seen some artists who use a brush, but they use very thick paint.  Their work is very expressive, so I will give it a try as well.  I do know that I plan on keeping the pallet knife as a regular painting tool. Even with the struggles, it is a lot of fun and my work comes alive.

Have a Blessed day everyone

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