New Pallet Knife Painting

23 Jan

Hello Everyone;

Here is the second pallet knife oil painting I mentioned earlier.  This composition is a bit simpler.  I do not have as much stuff going on as I did on the first painting of the weekend.  

When I start a painting, I usually have no direction I plan to take.  Really, I just know I want to paint today.  I squirt out some colors on my pallet and I grab a knife.  Once I apply the first stroke of color to the canvas, the painting starts to dictate where it wants to go.  I have learned from experience, when the painting wants to go left, I go left and any other direction it chooses.

You see, a painting is a living thing.  Really, hear me out.  When you allow the painting to paint itself, what I am really saying is to allow our inner artist to paint the picture.  Our inner artist lives within each of us, so when we allow them to paint, it is like our insides are creating the piece right before our eyes.

Really, in simple language, my whole point is this.  In order to create art, we need to let go and allow our inner self to express whatever it wants.  That, my friends, is where the real beauty lives.

Have A Blessed Day my friends.

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