New Pallet Knife Oil Painting Of Strong River

21 Dec

Hello Everyone;Here is a new pallet knife oil painting I just completed this evening.  It is a 5" X 7" on a double primed stretched canvas.  I am learning a lot over the past few weeks where I have been using a pallet knife for my entire paintings.  The first thing I learned that I never thought of is that you need to use a lot of paint.  I have been painting for many years and I could never get my paintings to look "alive". sure, my paintings where nice and I sold reasonably well at shows, but something was missing that I just could not figure out.  When I started using a knife only for my paintings, I noticed that my paintings started to come alive a bit, then it dawned on me, I was using much thicker paint in order to use a knife.  Thicker paint just looks better.  The other thing I learned is that nature is not made of smooth lines and soft edges.  The painting knife allows you to paint the beauty of nature in a realistic fashion.

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