New Pallet Knife Oil Painting

23 Dec

Hello Everyone;Hope all of you are having a great weekend.  Me, oh yes, did some errands with my wife this morning, then came home and painted.This is a little 5" X 7" pallet knife oil painting I just did today.  I am aware of the time of year and where I live, there is no more green grasses or leaves on the trees.  So what.  I'm an artist and I love the summer.  Whenever I can, I paint the beautiful summer flowers and grasses and everything else that make us feel warm and happy.  I am still trying to figure out how to paint with the knife, but I am making some progress.  It's funny, the strokes and marks I am struggling with today are the same ones I can do in my sleep with a brush.  Then I remember, it took awhile and a lot of practice to get to that point with a brush.  Patience and practice, as always, will do the job.  In the mean time, as frustrating as it can get with learning something new, it is also a lot of fun when things do work out.  Risk vs reward is really the name of the game, not just with art, but everything we do.What positive result can come from this risk?  Always ask yourself that question and most times, you will stay out of trouble.  Have a great rest of your weekend.Have a Blessed Day my friends

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