New Pallet Knife Oil Painting

23 Dec

Hello Everyone;Here is a new oil painting I just completed.  It is an 11" X 14". pallet knife painting completed on a double primed stretched canvas.I have spent most of my art life using a brush to express myself and create my art.  Over the years, I have sold paintings and had wonderful reviews from other artists and the general public.  For some reason though, there always seemed to be something missing for me.  My art was pretty good, but I never quite found that expression I was searching for.  I started using a knife to paint exclusively a few months ago.  I always had a knife and used it in certain places within a painting, but I never used it for the entire piece until now.  Truth be told, I am not sure why I decided to try and complete a an entire piece with only a knife, but I am glad I did.My colors seem to be more vibrant and the expressive strokes are what I lacked in my brush paintings.  I am not saying I am there yet, but I do believe I am on the right track.Creating art, in my opinion is a never ending quest to keep re inventing ourselves.  I honestly believe that we as artists need to always leave our comfort zones and try things that make us uncomfortable.  The more we challenge ourselves, the better we become within our craft.After awhile, we all know the rules of painting.  Fat over lean, composition, value changes and many more.  Since those concepts are already part of us as artists, when we try something new, our inner artist automatically applies those concepts where needed.  The concepts we have been learning since we first began to create art automatically show themselves in our work.  We don't need to think about it, they just happen.Once we trust our inner artist and learn to truly let go with our conscious minds, that my friends is where real creativity is found.  Our inner artist takes what we have learned throughout our artistic lives and applies it where needed.  Our only obstacle is ourselves.  We seem to always feel we need to be in control of everything.  Give up some control and create beautiful expressive art.Have a Blessed Day my friends

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