15 Aug

Hello Everyone;

Here is a new painting I just completed last week.  Summer is still in full vigor in the Midwest, so I decided to capture that in another fun summer composition.  Fall is coming fast, followed by old man winter, so if it is ok with you, I would like to hold onto summer just a bit longer.

This particular composition was intended to be a “soft” painting.  Soft, meaning most of the elements have either a soft feel to the colors or perhaps soft edges.  Even the rocks in the foreground are not quite as jagged as I usually paint them.  All in all, I wanted to create a painting that was easy on the eyes, and maybe, a painting where the viewer can easily picture themselves at.

I used mainly Lukas 1862 oil paints for this piece along with a double primed cotton canvas support.  The painting itself measures 9” X 12” and will be sealed and signed when it sells either online or at an art show.  I always wait to seal and sign until a collector has been found for my artwork.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend