Merry Christmas To All

23 Dec

Hello Everyone:

Once again we come upon that special time of year when no matter how bleak things may seem, we can all be given peace knowing our Savior is born.

2020 has been a very demanding and unforgiving year to say the least.  We had a pandemic to deal with that no one could agree on the best approach.

We had political divides, for me, the likes of which I have never seen in my 54 years on this earth.

Families torn apart by disease, politics and fear.

Yet, somehow, as if we missed our miracle, we are coming through it.  I like to think we had a unified group miracle.  Our economy is booming, people are preparing for Christmas, streets are packed with people and everyone seems to have found their smile that was seemingly lost forever.

Every once in awhile, we Americans have a looming disaster befall us.  We have an event or events that change us in a profound way.  World changing events seem to always take place here, in America from sea to shining sea.

Our fight for Independence

Slavery then the abolishing of same.

Our Civil War

The Industrial Revolution

The Spanish Flu

Pearl Harbor


and too many wars.

Through all of that and much more then I can mention in one blog post, we as Americans found a way to unite and march through it.  We found a way to deal with the bad things and still find joy in our lives, our homes and our country.

Whether we loved or hated President Trump, President Obama or any other President we have had.  Mayors, Governors or people in the House and Senate of the local and federal levels.  The Bible tells us we need to support and follow our leaders.  We need to unite behind the ones elected to office whether we agree or not.  We need to band together as a people and make things right.

If we have a leader that fails to bring peace and God to our lives, then we need to elect someone else, not burn pillage and plunder like 17th century pirates.  We are better than that and we need to start showing it.

Never be afraid to disagree with each other, that is how we learn.  What we can not do is ever allow anything to separate us ever again.  Black, white, hispanic, asian and anything else means nothing.  The fact that we are all Americans means everything.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may God Bless you, your family and the United States of America.

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