Lets Try Something New

21 Feb

Hello Everyone;

Never be afraid to try new things.  For me, I have never used this canvas size.  As a matter of fact, the thought never occurred to me.  This is an    8" X 16" double primed stretched canvas. I found a sale on them one day and said, why not.  The problem is, they sat in my studio never giving them a second thought until today.  I guess I felt adventurous or something.

The tag line for this art site is never be afraid to fail.  I really believe that.  When we fail at something, it is inevitable that we also learn something from it.  One of my art teachers many years ago told me that if you learn something from every failure, then you're doing just fine.

Looking back throughout art history, even the masters had failed paintings.  When you really dig deep into their works, you will find that maybe 30% to 40% of their paintings were considered good enough for public consumption.  yes, they were harsh critics of their own work, but the lesson of not being afraid to fail was front and center on their minds.

Never be afraid to try something new.  The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward may be.  Just one thing, don't get careless and try things that are so crazy that failure is the only option.  We must walk a fine line of trying new things, but also making sure those new things have some possibility of success.

Have a Blessed Day my friends

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