Gently Flowing: New Pallet Knife Oil Painting

21 Dec

Hello Everyone;
This is an original pallet knife oil painting I recently completed. It is an 8” X 10” on a double primed stretched canvas.
This painting, like most of my work is my attempt at capturing the incredible beauty of nature.  This place may or may not exist, I really have no idea.  Every time I step in front of my easel, I try and paint a place where I would like to be.  Here, I can imagine myself sitting under that tree, maybe a sketchbook in my lap and a cold lemonade at my side.  Just imagine the perfect day.  Now, each one of us as people are very different.  We all have different ideas of what a perfect day would entail.  For me, it is a peaceful, serene afternoon relaxing in natures beautiful living room. That inspires most of my work.  I imagine a make believe place where I make it real in my head.  In my mind, I have spent countless hours sketching by that gentle moving stream.  More countless time smelling that freshly scented air only a natural setting can deliver.  For this particular painting, I used only the pallet knife to construct this peaceful scene.  The knife enabled me to get the countless textures only found in nature correctly.  The knife also allowed me to incorporate the harsh edges of the mountains and rocks pressed up against the gentle, smooth flowing stream. The materials I chose for this piece are pretty much the same as most of my oil paintings.  My professional alkyd oil colors to allow a faster drying time to accomodate a very thick application of paint. A larger and smaller painting knives and my stretched canvas.  As you can see, I already painted the edges black to allow my clients the choice of putting the painting into an open back frame, or hanging it on the wall as is.  The black edges gives it a clean contemporary look on the wall and the black will go with any decor color choices.As you can see, I do not use a lot of tube colors when I paint.  Even though there are many tube colors to choose from, I prefer to mix my own colors.  I really believe that color mixes gives the painting a more natural look.  The colors are bright and vibrant, but not so bright where they would not look natural.  After all, we are trying to copy the beauty of nature.Each time I step in front of my easel, I feel like a new story is about to begin.  Each stroke I take, each color selection is more about what I am feeling at that time as opposed to what the general populous thinks a nature painting should look like.  I never look to society to tell me what I can and can not paint.  I do not conform to the rules of color that this tree must be this color or shape.  I paint what makes me happy and what feels right deep inside of me.  That, my friends, is where real creativity resides.Have a wonderful day.

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